Tuesday, July 10, 2012

julie + kyle. proposal!

We received the most exciting phone call recently from a friend I basically grew up with (we're talking go-carts in the backyard, stomping around in the mud kind of memories). With a little anxious energy and excitement he told me he was going to propose to his girlfriend soon and he wanted our help to capture the big moment! Um, yes, I would be THRILLED to do this! We've gotten to know how awesome Julie is this year playing a little co-ed softball together, and I couldn't have picked out a better half for Kyle.

I was even more excited when he told me the big plan. (Guys, take note. Gals, you're welcome.)
While friends on the verge of dating, Kyle and Julie were walking around the Historic Square in Marietta one evening. An older gentleman approached them and shared that he thought they looked like a beautiful couple. He pushed them together by the fountain in the square saying, "Let me take your picture." Since then, this fountain has become a special place for them as it was pretty much the start of their new relationship. 

Kyle dug up the photo and sent it to me with the idea to recreate the scene---only this time, it would be the start of a lifetime together. After we worked out a few details, Kyle asked me if I thought this would be too cheesy. With certainty I said, "Cheesy quickly turns into romantic." Check out these photos and tell me you don't agree!

The original photo and the proposal! 

 The celebration continued with personalized cupcakes from Miss Mamie's!

With overwhelming emotions of surprise, elation and love, this was one excellent way to spend an evening! Thanks so much for letting us be a fly on the wall to capture this special time!