Friday, December 21, 2012

jenn + jordan engagement.

Jenn and Jordan are the kind of couple that are so much fun to be around because they have personality from head to toe and a plethora of great topics to chat about. They're like two great book characters--which is fantastic since she's a writer. 

Spending the afternoon capturing their love and the way they just connect was wonderful. We spent just as much time talking and getting along as if we'd known each other for several years as shooting. Their new puppy was an adorable addition to the session--a definite show-stopper! And Bryan even got to take a spin around the block on Jordan's prized Harley. (Your lucky he didn't ride off into the sunset, Jordan!)

For our last photo shoot of the year, we couldn't have hand-picked a better couple!

What's love if not a tiny nibbling puppy, right? Jordan and Jenn, thanks so much for a stellar afternoon shoot! I can just imagine how brilliant your wedding is going to be!


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  1. Beautimous! We'll be ordering soon! The 4 of us need to get together!