Thursday, February 14, 2013

britt + sam engagement.

Jumping over streams, crunching on leaves and climbing up rocks. For the few years I've known Britt, this is where she is happiest. She's got a beautiful Southern drawl and a smile that always follows it. And she loves a good adventure. It's no wonder that when Sam  knew he wanted to marry this girl that they used branches to pull their way up to the top of an icy-pathed mountain trail in the middle of winter so he could propose to his best friend in her favorite kind of place.  

Now when I look at Britt, I think she's probably happiest right here in the arms of her husband-to-be.

Their walk through the woods, sweet sunset serenade and homemade heart-shaped marshmallows seem like the perfect thing to share this Valentine's Day. 

 Britt and Sam, thank you for a beautiful session! Love you guys and can't wait to shoot your wedding!


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