Monday, February 18, 2013

wedding day hooray

Thanks to the Indie Craft Experience for once again pulling together a great Wedding Day Hooray!

After much printing, stamping and baking (yes, we had our famous shortbread camera cookies!), we were ready for our third year at this event and a great day of meeting beautiful brides. And I had such a fun time designing a booth representing our new branding! The only table we decided to use was a coffee table--because we just wanted people to come in, sit down and chat with us. It was like having a few hundred of our closest friends over for dessert and drinks. Perfect.

We enjoyed meeting so many new brides and vendors. I'm convinced this event brings out the very best people in Atlanta. 

As I chatted away, Bryan went on a scavenger hunt of amazing wedding details to photograph (not hard to do he's on board for anything that sounds more like a game.) So here's a little round-up of some (though definitely not all) of the awesome things going on at this year's show. Whether or not you got a chance to attend the event, enjoy this visual walk-through and do check out the vendor list for your big day!

We were thrilled to have Melissa Bloomfield of Pretty Swell Parties as our booth neighbor this year! So thrilled, in fact, that we joined up with her to offer attendees an amazing giveaway including an engagement session from us and $300 towards wedding day coordination from her. If you signed up for this awesome two-part giveaway, we'll be announcing the winner tomorrow! {pins and needles till then}

A big shout out goes to the amazing Krista Janos of Blue Eyed Yonder as the vintage mod green couch and  coffee table we rented from her made our booth just the cozy space I was hoping for! Brides and their posses enjoyed the chance to have a seat and glance through samples of our wedding albums. It was like we were inviting them into our living room to chat:)

(Plus, as the day lingered on, and our 5 a.m. wake-up call became realized, it didn't hurt to have a full-length couch in our booth. Not our first rodeo, people.)

Miss Pickles Press

Good Food Truck 

{Their parmesan cone filled with lentils, rice and goodness hit the spot for lunch!}

 Dear So and So

French Knot Studios 

On to the table decor competition! This is such a fun part of the Wedding Day Hooray event because you get to watch creativity explode onto a scape of empty, white tables. Check out some shots of unique ideas and details from this year:

And the winner is...the beautiful table designed by Roundabout!
Beyond my love for the typography banner, my favorite detail on this table is the handmade belt table runner. Such a clever touch! And lucky for us, there's already a tutorial up on the Roundabout blog!


Katy Bee's Events by Design 

Liddabits Design Shop 

The Little Canopy 

Sugar n' Spice Aprons 

The Small Object 

Fallen Arrows 

Whew! What a day! At the end of the event, we met the great folks of Cathead Vodka and I sat down on that cushy green couch and enjoyed the most refreshing beverage: honeysuckle lemonade. I have no photo to show because sometimes you just have to sit and enjoy the moment, but I do have the recipe (which might be better in this case):

Cathead Honeysuckle Lemonade

Serving Size for 16, 5 ounce pours


1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice (5 to 6 lemons)
1 cup basil simple syrup
4 cups water
In an 8oz mason jar filled with cracked ice & garnish with a mint sprig and lemon wheel.
*Basil Water:
Just like you would steep tea, take 10 basil leaves and muddle in 1 cup of water.
Muddle until water reaches a simmer.
Then strain water from the basil.
*Basil Simple Syrup Instructions:
Mix 1 cup granulated sugar to equal parts basil water

Cheers to our friends, old and new! 


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