Monday, June 9, 2014

Melissa + Mike Married l Georgia Club Wedding

Reddish orange and bright golden hues began painting the night sky into morning as we drove up to Melissa's family's home on the day of her wedding. In the calm and stillness of dawn, she and her bridesmaids got ready and the morning light illuminated all the little details of the day Melissa had been working so hard to put together. The sheer joy and excitement of this day was shining all over this bride's face as she beamed just as brilliantly as the rising sun.

Melissa found her perfect pair in Michael. She says she almost gave up on dating when she met Michael online and agreed to go out with him. On that first date, they got so lost in conversation with each other they closed down both a restaurant and a coffee shop. And they have only thought of each other ever since. Both library science majors, it may sound trite, but their relationship truly has the most beautiful storybook ending. Their love for each other is so evident, and it has been our pleasure to get to know them and document their wedding day.

 What a beautiful morning! Thanks so much for entrusting us with this day, Mike and Melissa.


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