Monday, June 9, 2014

monday motivation

"Have you ever felt motion sickness rather than momentum? Have you ever sensed there was a more meaningful life available to you, but your to-do list was keeping you from it? Do you ever feel tricked by the trivial?" 

It's these questions and more that author Greg McKeown speaks to in his article, "12 Myths That Lead to a Busy, Unfulfilling Life."

It's Monday and, like me, you probably already have a to-do list that has more things on it than you can actually accomplish in one work week. My advice? Stop. Take time to read McKeown's article so that you can avoid wasting your precious time and energy throughout this week.

The truth in the quote above is McKeown's answer to the myth that if everyone else is doing something, I need to be doing it too. He says our culture glorifies being busy and checking social media, and, unfortunately, he is absolutely right. We wear sleepless nights and lengthy work days like a badge of honor; like it's something to brag about. "There is JOY in missing out. Discover it."

I wonder what kind of amazing impact I could actually leave on this world if I decided to be disciplined and not be distracted—not be "tricked by the trivial?"

I hope you find great JOY this week!


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