Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Motivation l John C. Maxwell

I'm just as guilty as being a creature of habit as the next person. And sometimes that's OK. I like taking the time to write handwritten thank you notes and picking out the perfect card to mail someone. This takes a little more time than writing a quick email, but it means so much more.

But when you're ignoring making an adjustment to your routine that could help you grow—or help your business grow—that can be a sad state of stasis.

Although no one enjoys being stuck or stagnant, making a change or adapting to an already occurring change, can be hard. In his writings on leadership, Maxwell lists 7 steps of successful people. Although great for leaders, they're also spot on for an artist and/or someone in a career as a creative. It helps me to think of positive, forward-moving statements like these to help healthy growth start to occur naturally in my life.

I created this little bordered little piece to tape to my bathroom mirror and thought it I would also share it with you guys in case you want to do something similar. We're all in this together!
{Click HERE for the free printable!}

I hope these steps encourage you and help get your week off to a great start too! Tape them to your dashboard or monitor and allow these thoughts to take up space in your mind to become real things you believe and begin to act on.


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