Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Historic Atlanta Studio Space

In the bottom of a four story brick building built in 1913 lies a beautiful open space with hardwood floors, white walls and huge storefront windows. We love that we now live and work in historic Atlanta buildings and get to add our story to their history. My grandfather remembers coming to this very space to purchase Hastings' seed packets. And so appropriately named, we now have space at The Seed Studio with a few other talented Atlanta artists.

As we got married about a mile down the road from our new studio space at another old Atlanta building, we think this makes a perfect next chapter in our lives and first studio spot for Tin Can Photography!

Here is just a little glimpse of our new studio home. If you peek through the windows from the sidewalk you may find us setting up equipment, shooting or just dancing around with the music turned up! We'd love to have you by for a visit. Give us a call or shoot over an email, and let us know when you can come say hello!


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