Wednesday, August 12, 2015

For Brides: The Importance of a Crochet Hook

In the modern days of mass-produced, machine-made trappings and accouterment, it may be hard to believe it, but a simple crochet hook can be a huge time saver on your wedding day.

While the craft of crocheting is a skill I've yet to add to my repertoire, I still possess the ability to make a handful of folks pretty happy by wielding the tiny wand-like tool for interlocking little loops of material together.
If you've ever tried to button up the back of a beautiful wedding gown by hand, you can attest to the idea that it's quite similar to the feeling and frustration you get trying to zip up a winter coat with mittens already donned. Even the daintiest of digits can become a befuddled mess around these intricate fasteners. 

Enter the bride's new best friend:  the crochet hook. 
Using a crochet hook to carefully sweep each loop into place can save incredible amounts of time on a wedding day while buttoning up a blushing bride. It's a trick of the trade for wedding dress consultants, and an excellent one to pass along to all our clients.

Who wouldn't want to keep from spending thirty precious minutes of your wedding day standing in one place while someone else attempts to dress you correctly? (Heaven forbid a button halfway through is mismatched and you have to start all over again!)

We're all for creating more space for portraits, gathering with guests and even eating that food you specifically picked out for such an important day.

If your dress is cascading with buttons, don't forget to arm one of your bridesmaids with a crochet hook for your big day. (And you'll probably want to make sure she packs it for you before you drive off from your sparkler exit as well!)

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