Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Jennifer + Eric l Mary Gay House Decatur Wedding

In a narrow wooden early 1900's chapel lined in tall stained glass windows, Jennifer and Eric sat together shortly after sunrise sharing a few sweet moments before their wedding. As we left the room, I glanced back through the window in the door and paused for a moment. I looked at Bryan and said, "This is really beautiful. This is my favorite part of today."

Getting to shoot weddings with my husband is really neat in many ways. One of them is getting to share in beautiful nature of the day and remember our own wedding. I'm so thankful we got time like this during our wedding day and we're always thrilled to try and create this space for our couples as well.

Little did I know we were going to have many more favorite parts of their day as their sunrise couple portraits, morning wedding and brunch reception (catered by Farm Burger, y'all!) really made for a most excellent day.

Congratulations you two!


  1. Bravo! You captured Eric and Jen's wedding day beautifully! I can look and look and find new favorites every time...but I do agree the chapel photos are stunning!

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