Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Hales Family | At Home

in home photo session in atlanta
This house has been in Natalie's family for years. She recalls her grandmother and dad telling stories about living here. This place holds some really special memories, so before the Hales family packed everything up for the next chapter in their lives, they invited us over to capture a few pictures together.

We had the best afternoon just letting them hang out at home and be themselves. These kinds of in-home sessions that celebrate daily life together make us super happy to be a part of.

I love thinking about how their little girl will grow up and get to see the place where she took her first steps, ate animal crackers and rode a 4-wheeled pink pig all over these hardwood floors. This is where they began as a family, and they are taking all this love with them to their new house.

Home travels with you.

dad and daughter read jimmy fallon's book together

atlanta family in home session reading books


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